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Drew Univesity: QooC

Always good for a laugh or two...thousand

9/30/07 04:31 pm - plantingseeds - Well, there's definitely still safety in numbers...

Me: Yay Orgy!
Andrea: We're only playing UNO hon...

9/1/07 01:25 pm - plantingseeds - Truer words sometimes spoken but not often

Andrea: Meerkats don't use technology!

Andrea: That's not my nose! You're very misleading!

8/2/07 01:56 am - musicwmnvla - O Rly?

"The MLB Entities will not be responsible for Acts of God,"
~ from terms and conditions of a sweepstakes

7/27/07 03:03 am - musicwmnvla - Moving right along ...

"It wasn't all sex, we talked about college for a while ..."
~ Toni, while lounging together on my couch at 5:30am

5/31/07 11:33 pm - plantingseeds - I wouldn't want that either....

Drew (my bro): I don't want a heart being pumped between my asscheeks.

5/28/07 03:19 pm - plantingseeds - and now you know

Andrea: CLEARLY, a hand and a sheep and some soft music -- and BLAMMO! A glove!

5/11/07 09:24 am - musicwmnvla - I just stuck a Snapple cap to my forehead

Laura: "I just wanted to get you into bed and hoped that in the morning you'd be Toni."

5/8/07 11:41 am - musicwmnvla - Not Through The Pants, Frank

Okay this is from the last time Toni, Michael, Nikki, Rob and I were all in the same room (oh, my poor air mattress!). We wrote a bunch of quotes down and I have since forgotten most of the context. They tell a story all their own ... enjoy ...

Michael: "Please don't do that while she's on my crotch!"
Rob: "It doesn't work through the pants, honey."
Michael: "Now all I have to do is squeeze a couple of times ..."
Nikki: "Aaaaaaaah!"
Laura: "Something about that disturbs me ... Stop whacking me in the crotch!"
Rob: "That was unintentional ... but a side bonus!"
Laura: *complains incoherently about something*
Rob: "So wait ... your eyes are connected to your vagina?"
Laura: "That's so beautiful ... it looks like I'm dead!"
Michael: "Which is especially amusing when she's topless."
Toni: "I'm too fascinated by the monkey in Rob's boxers ... and the thing is I put it there!"
Nikki: *goes into a fit of rage for some unknown reason ... maybe Michael's pants*
Toni: "I hate to say it ... but she's spanking you with the monkey."
Rob: "The one that used to be in my boxers?"

... and it all went downhill from there ...

5/8/07 05:02 am - vampfairy01

"This would look significantly more awsome if I were wearing splendid pants!" - John while posing, without pants!

5/5/07 11:06 am - plantingseeds - No Friend Left Behind

Ali: Ryan's revenge!
Andrea: Ali's alliteration!
Ryan: Andrea's acknowledgment of Ali's alliteration!
Andrea: Ryan's reacknowledgement!
Beth: That's what the English major does to us...
Andrea: Beth's bemusement of all the alliterations!
Nate: Nate's nausea that this is continuing!

Beth: What do you want in your heart?
Nate: The four horsemen of the Apocalypse! And can you color the border pink?

There were lots more fun ones, but I can't remember. Maybe next time. StayTuned!
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