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Drew Univesity: QooC

Always good for a laugh or two...thousand

1/6/11 05:46 pm - jasperpa - Portal MMORPG Games

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6/4/09 12:11 am - plantingseeds - Boobies!

Justin: Your mom has some sweet boobs!

Me: We're used to having milk with our mom's boobs.

Justin: How are you liking your mom's boobs?

Drew: Those are some tasty boobs.

Me: That's all the boobs I can handle for tonight...

There are more but I can't remember them. You get the idea though.

5/5/09 07:09 pm - plantingseeds - just a ward....

Andrea: There's no anguish in my mental!

3/27/09 10:53 pm - plantingseeds - I get that a lot

Andrea: Your face makes me think you should be institutionalized.

1/1/01 03:35 am - plantingseeds - Exclamations

Sara: Coz is not a compact car!
Coz: I have my moments!

Drew: Bitch, get out of my fucking cake!

7/26/08 12:32 pm - plantingseeds - i swear my fiancee is a good person

Andrea: *thwack* I don't believe in pastry!!

Andrea: Why are you suffocating your baby koala?

7/6/08 02:14 pm - plantingseeds - This post brought to you by the letters W, T, and F.

Roberto: There's no transitive property in freeze tag!

Andrea: I don't want a Sesame Street gang war on my back!

5/20/08 09:19 pm - plantingseeds - It's All Greek To Me...

Coz: It's raining in columns!

Andrea: They should be fired from being Greek.

11/7/07 12:13 am - musicwmnvla

Me: Do you think I'm a good listener?
Mom: Yes. I tell you that all the time. Why don't you ever listen to me?

10/27/07 10:25 pm - adaliazandra - Gay Smut, Again

the TMLS: The time will come when you are a gay man, and you will be able to write smut again!
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